About Us

Percy Electrical and Data strives to deliver to its customers:

Personable Service

At PED we take the time to listen to what each customer wants.  We want to guide you to achieve an electrical and data solution tailored to your needs. We acknowledge that various considerations may include – budgetary constraints, time availability, design preferences, and greener energy practices. We are happy to talk to you about any considerations you need met. We will provide you with up to date product and industry knowledge.

Quality Service

At PED we understand that good workmanship or poor workmanship may not always be immediately obvious to a customer. This places us in a position of trust that we will deliver on. We take pride in our trade and our workmanship. We will always endeavour to employ the most efficient work practices. We will always suggest the most contemporary solutions and of course use the correct tools and techniques for the job.

Professional Service

PED is contactable by phone and email and we provide preliminary information on our website to ensure that our customers can choose the method of communication best for them. We endeavour to return you queries in a prompt and professional manner.

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