Is your Home Safe?

RCD’s (residual current device) also known as safety switches could be the difference between serious injury or even a fatality in your home.   How do RCD’s work? An RCD is a safety device that monitors electrical current flowing within a circuit or number of circuits from your switchboard. Nieuwe Nike Air Max 2015 Dame It works on the principle that the electricity current flowing in must be equal to the current flowing out of the circuit. Nike Air Max 2014 Dame Nike AIR Max 2017 Dames Zwart Wit If the RCD detects an imbalance in the electrical current, indicating a leakage to earth, e.g. Nike Free 4.0 V2 Goedkoop Nike Air Max 90 Bloemen Dame Nike Lunar Schoenen Goedkoop Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboots Prm Undeafted Dame current flows through someone’s body to earth, the RCD immediately cuts the electricity supply to prevent electrocution. Nike Air Max 90 Honeycomb Heren Air Max 2015 Zwart Blauw Rood Goedkoop RCD’s are extremely sensitive and will detect even the smallest imbalance. Nieuwe Nike Air Max 2015 Heren Nike AIR Max 2017 Heren In a domestic dwelling they must have disconnection rating of no more than 30mA but in some installations can be rated down to 10mA. Air Max Tailwind 7 Goedkoop Nike Air Max Dame Goedkoop Nieuwe Nike Air Max 2015 Heren All new constructions, renovations, and refurbishments of domestic dwellings, will require an RCD to protect any lighting and power circuits. Nike Air Max 2017 Dame Goedkoop  Are RCD’s the same as Circuit Breakers?  No. Nike Free TR Fit Goedkoop Circuit breakers are similar to a fuse. Nike Air Max 90 Heren They provide protection against overload and short circuit current, but do not provide any protection against earth leakage.   How many RCD’s do you need? The ratio of RCD’s to circuits is 1 RCD to 3 Circuits. Nike Air Max 90 Mid NO SEW Heren Nike Air Max 2017 Heren Goedkoop Air Max 2015 Zwart Blauw Goedkoop Where there is more than 1 lighting circuit they must be split evenly between RCD’s. Air Max 2016 Heren Goedkoop Air Max 2015 Zwart Oranje Goedkoop You can however get an RCD/circuit breaker which can be used to protect a single circuit, at the correct current rating. Nike Darwin Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2015 Goedkoop   What is Earth Leakage? Earth leakage is basically a short circuit between a live conductor and earth, due to fault conditions. Nike Air Max 95 Prem Tape Heren Under fault conditions electricity flows from the active conductor and gets redirected from its normal path, through the neutral conductor, to the earth conductor. Nike Air Max 90 II CamouflagDame Nike Air Max LUNAR90 C3.0 Heren This is the case when a person comes into contact with a live conductor and touches a conductive surface i.e. Nike Air Max 1 Dames Nike Roshe Run Goedkoop Air Max Zero Goedkoop Nike Flyknit Air Max Dame Nike Flyknit Air Max Heren metal or has contact with the ground. Nike Air Max 90 Mid NO SEW Dame Air Max Thea Goedkoop Nike FS Lite Run Goedkoop In this case it will flow from the active conductor through the person’s body and then back through the conductive part to earth. Nike Air Max 90 BR Dame This can cause serious injury through burns and electric shock, it can also cause electrocution. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2014 Heren Nike Air Max 1 Heren There is a diagram below which demonstrates an earth leakage fault, with the protection of an RCD. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop Nieuwe Air Max   When do I need RCD’s? Whenever you have electrical work performed at your home, the electrician should check if you have RCD’s installed. Nike AIR Max 2017 Dames Zwart Wit It is now a mandatory requirement that any work done on a circuit whether it be changing a light switch or to rewire the whole circuit, that circuit needs to be brought up to regulation, which means installing an RCD for that circuit.

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